About DanDann

Who I Am Is…

My name is DanDann, and I will be your guide and curator. I am a second-generation Jamaican-American, social entrepreneur, traveling multidisciplinary artist and the woman behind DanDannDesigns. I have a great passion for learning about other cultures, languages, beliefs and artistic forms of expression. Whenever I encounter something that I find interesting, my first instinct is to share it as widely as possible so that people have the opportunity to participate in my discoveries. These projects serve as a vehicle through which I can actually begin to share my experiences with you. The visual engagement of the artist videos allow viewers to meet the incredible people I find while the tangibility of the Terra Trunks represent a tangible connection, allowing you to be immersed in the world that I am visiting each time you unbox the textures, tastes, scents, sounds and sights tucked into each Terra Trunk.

Community Support

A portion of the proceeds from each project, will go toward supporting an organization (Non-profit, NGO, Fair Trade Organization, Sustainability Endeavor) that is striving to help people around the world explore their creative selves. For the first project, I have chosen to use 10% of the funding to support Local Women’s Handicrafts (http://www.lwhnepal.com), a fair trade organization based in Nepal that seeks to train and employ local women in a variety of artistic skills, including design, sewing, weaving, embroidery, knitting, jewelry making, pattern work and more. Based in Nepal, they are still recovering from the large-scale fatal flooding that recently affected their region. The proceeds from our endeavor will serve to help them rebuild their facilities and continue serving the local community.

To learn more about their flood relief efforts, check out www.lwhnepal.com & to learn how to help them build a learning center, check out www.locwom.org.