Live International Artisan Market

Schedule a personal shopping trip!

The schedule is set up to establish Drivers and Passengers.  Driver slots are broken into 30 minute segments (though you can book back to back if you would like a longer shop). Be sure to leave a note about what kinds of items you are looking for.  If you are not sure that you’re ready to make purchase, you can tag along on an available excursion.

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How would you like to have an international personal shopper? 

Tag along me, DanDann, via live stream as I wander brightly lit international markets, collecting good, just for you.

An exotic shopping trip from the comfort of your own home

A virtual experience, walk through the outdoor markets with me

Why simply point and click when you could experience the exotic.  Walk through the market with DanDann.  Watch the street performers.  See how the vendors prepare local cuisines.  Browse the endless stalls of handmade crafts.  Choose your favorite design right off the table.

This is an escape from – regular shopping, regular life, an escape from the point and click, nameless, faceless online markets. This is an interactive, experience.  See the smiles of the artists, engage with DanDann, see all of the varieties.

  • watch the artists create, right at their stalls
  • see the street artists performing as we walk by
  • hear the sounds of the older man pushing his cart of colorful parrots through the throngs of shoppers
  • see how the vendors prepare pad thai
  • choose the pieces you love
  • See the person actually making your purchase

Schedule a shopping for later! Or See if we’re shopping Now!


To Buy what you see, visit

Pricing = item cost + shipping + $5 fee (up to $100, then 5%)

Standard Shipping to US: 1kg (2.2 lbs) for $22, 2kg (4.41 lbs) for $31, 3kg (6.61 lbs) for $40, 4kg (8.82 lbs) for $49 • add about $2-3 for UK shipping
For additional shipping rates (heavier, faster, different destination), see Thai Post Rates in the images below (coming soon – Im on my way to the Post Office to take the photos).


For a $45 item…
First purchase = $5 + $45 + $22± shipping (assuming a 1kg item)
Additional purchases up to 2nd kilogram = $5 + item cost

For a $455 Item…
First Purchase = $22.75 (5%) + $455 + $22± shipping (assuming a 1kg item)
Additional purchases up to 2nd kg = $5 or 5% + item cost

This is a vegan business. Please do not ask me to purchase leather or other animal products, I will decline.

For now, live shopping will be streamed via

Shipping Rates

Note that rates are listed in Thai Baht.
1000 THB is approximately $30.27 USD