What Are Terra Trunks

Terra Trunks are collections of art, items, and objects, placed in a box, and shipped to you. Each trunk is a unique collection of art and artifacts from wherever I am at that moment in the world. I don’t know exactly what will be in each one, but neither do you! Terra Trunks may contain creations from local and traveling artists discovered in the area, stunning crafts found in local markets, freeze-dried tastes of local fruits, recipes from local chefs, and other fun surprises. Terra Trunks are a bit like ‘time capsules,’ capturing a taste of what life is really like in that place, at that moment.

Terra Trunks are not something you simply purchase; they are an artistic and cultural immersion. This is not an investment in a business enterprise, this is an investment into the development of a global community that holistically invests in and supports itself and other artists.

First up – Thailand

This month’s Terra Trunks are available from Thailand. This batch is available for purchase on a first come first served basis, and only for a limited time as I am already eyeing my next potential destinations. Each Terra Trunk is designed to engage all 5 senses in an effort to transport you to the land from which the items come!

There are three ‘sizes’ available, $100, $160 and $280 (includes shipping).  Each trunk will have some local snacks, recipes and scents, and then as many pieces of hand-made crafts, art and other interests as your chosen price-point allows.  Whether you want to procure a Terra Trunk for yourself, or give a few as unique Christmas gifts, this fun, immersive experience is sure to be a delight. So go ahead and grab one before they’re gone!

Meet Pimkool – One of Our Featured Thai Artisans